Questionnaire Text

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For all persons
[Questions in columns 1 to 11 were asked of all persons]

Now we would like to ask for information on you and the persons habitually living in your household or currently residing in your home

Residents of 6 years or more of age
[Questions in columns 18 - 22 were asked of residents 6+ years old]

Persons of 10 years or more of age
[Question 23 was asked of persons 10+ years old]

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iv) Economic Characteristics
For all questions related to economic activity, the census agent shall refer to the 3-month periods preceding the interview.

Column (22): Branch of activity
Ask the question: "What is or was the principle activity that [the respondent]'s firm exercises or has exercised?" and write down legibly the type of activity or the name of the establishment on the horizontal line and leave the boxes empty.

"Education" for a physician or a typist working in a school.
"Health" for a physician, typist, or driver... working in a public or private health institution.
"Banking" for a typist working in the banking sector.
"Education" for teachers, supervisors, and professors.
Shoe manufacturing.
Car reparation.
Rice or donut sales preparation.
"Public administration" for those working in the public sector.
"National defense" for the military or non-military personnel of the Armed Forces, the national guard, and the Firefighters.
"Public safety" for police personnel or public security forces (policemen).
"Domestic services" for a boy [page], a maid, or a guard employed by a private individual

Note: A person working or having worked at Sobebra [national brewery company] or in a brewery or in its repositories shall have as branch of activity "brewery," while a person selling in a repository that is not attached to the brewery shall be classified under the rubric "Beverage commerce."