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Economic Characteristics (for persons 10 years or older) (Only for ordinary households)
[Columns 13-16]

(15) Branch of economic activity ____

Indicate what the interviewee's employer, establishment, or company does.

For example:
- Corn growing
- Administration
- Truck transport
- Retail trade
- Craft
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Economic characteristics
The information classified under this broad rubric relates to the last 4 questions of the census.
The first set of information, column (13) "Type of activity" shall be asked to all persons of 10 or more years of age, without exception. This will allow classifying such persons either in the economically active population or the economically inactive population.
While the last 3 sets of information, columns (14), (15), and (16) shall only be asked to persons classified under the 2 types of activity: employed and unemployed. These sets of information provide more details on the population

Column (15): Branch of economic activity
This column, just like the previous one, exclusively concerns the employed and the effectively unemployed from column (13). Ask what the employer, establishment, or company of the interviewed person does and report the main activity of the establishment or company for which the interviewee works.
[Examples are not presented here]
For every person working in an establishment with a clearly defined main activity, report such activity regardless of the interviewee's position.
[Examples are not presented here]
Do not confuse industry with commerce. A person working at the Bata factory [show manufacturing company] shall be classified under: shoe factory, while a salesman in a Bata store shall be classified under: commerce.
It is possible to encounter establishments with several activities. In this case, ask the interviewee what he does or to which type of activity he contributes.
[Examples are not presented here]
Report the names of establishments whose main production activity cannot be specified by the interviewee. This is the case of certain administrative services, for example City Hall.