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[Questions 20-36 were asked of persons age 14+.]

[Questions 28-36 were asked about the main job where the person works the most hours.]

[Questions 28-31 were asked of persons age 14+ who worked last week or had a job, per questions 24-26.]

28. In the place or establishment where you work, what activity is the main activity or what the main service rendered? ____

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Starting here, men and women who are 14 years old and more should answer the questions.

Follow the order of the questions strictly.

Pay attention to the sequence indicated by the arrows and the steps to continue asking the questions.

The questions 20 to 23 refer to the marital status of the persons 14 years old or more.

Questions 24 to 37
These questions ask about the employment of the population. We will now see how some of the questions should be completed.

Carefully observe sequence indicated by the arrows and the steps tom continue asking questions.

Main job is the one where the person answering the census worked the most hours during the week before the census. If the person answering the census has two jobs in which he/she works the same number of hours, you should opt for the one where he/she obtains the greatest income.

Question 28: The place or establishment where he/she works, what it the activity that they do or the service that they offer?

The place or establishment is a determined physical place (commercial building, business, private home, dairy farm, service station, public road, factory, etc.), where the person answering the Census carries out his/her work.

This question refers to the principal activity of the establishment, and not the tasks that the person answer the Census carries out, nor the activities of the sector/area/address where this person carries out his/her work.

For example: Joaquin works in the accounting section of a factory that makes footwear for athletes. You will register: Manufacture of shoes and sports footwear in general.
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The answer to this question should be registered with the greatest possible detail, emphasizing:
What they do -- the process or action that he/she carries out in the location or establishment.

What is the product or service -- the product make or the service provided.

What they use and what it is used for -- the primary material used or the destination if he/she refers to a service.
For example:
1. Manufacture shoes and handbags / out of leather
what they do and what is the product / with what

2. Teaches private classes / for students of Basic General Education
What he/she does and what is the service / for whom (destination)

3. Transports passengers / in a long--distance passenger bus
What he/she does and what is transported / with what means

Let's look at some specific situations.
--In the cases of persons who, depending on the establishment, carry out all or most of his/her activities outside of the establishment (drivers of means of transportation, distributors of soft drinks, etc.) you should register the primary activity of the establishment on which they depend.
For example:
--Omar drives a truck making deliveries for a factory that packages fish and seafood. You will register: Manufacture of packaged fish and seafood.

--In the case of a self-employed worker or domestic worker, or persons who are not self-employed and carry out their labor activities in environments that do not depend on any establishment (taxis, the household where he/she works, the street), here you should register the activity that the person carries out, since the persons constitutes the place of work.
For example:
--Nancy is a domestic employee in a family home. You will register: Domestic employee.

--Luis is the owner of a taxi with which he works and he does not have employees nor day laborers. You will register: Transports passengers in a taxi that he owns.
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When the person answer the Census works in a business that has more than one location and one of those is the business administration, the description of the activity should correspond to the activity of the location where the person works. If the person answer the Census works in the central administration of a business, you should also write the principal activity of this business, for example, "Central administration of a petroleum refinery."

Let's see another example:
--Silvina works in the central administration office of an automobile business, whose principal plant, where the automobiles are made, is in another city. In this case there are two establishments: in the first, the activity is the manufacture of automobiles and in the second the activity is the central administration of the automobile factory.