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Questions 21-28 are filled in for 15-75 years old persons.

Questions 22-24 were asked of those who had a job or income-producing business.

22. Branch of economic activity of main workplace- organization, establishment (or its branch) ____

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Question 27

What is the type of the activity of your main workplace (organization, company or its branch)?

The answer for this question is filled in for the people who had any paid work or profitable job from October 4 to 11 (for whom code "1" was written in the 26th question).
For those people, who have more than one job or activity, as a main one is considered to be the job/activity where he/she worked more hours during the week or from where he/she gets more profit.

For those people who in changed their main job from October 4 to 11, 2011, the type of manufactured product or provided service in the last workplace is written.
While filling in the answer it must be remembered that the character of the type of manufactured product or provided service in the workplace of interviewee, must be defined clearly and accurately to make it possible for further codification.
Shortenings and abbreviations are not allowed to use, with the exception of a very famous ones, as well as some companies' name cannot be written, as the company's economic activity cannot be determined by its name.
While filling in answers about education and health sectors, sub-sectors also should be determined. For example, not just an "Education", but "Elementary education" should be written in, and in case of health, the activity in the hospital, or ambulance should be detailed.

1) For those people who worked in the organizations, which have structural subdivisions engaged in various types of activities, the economic activity of the subdivision, where the interviewee works, is written.
If the respondent is an employer of such an organization, than type of activity, which is the largest in total revenue, or the one that respondent consider as a main, is written.
2) For those people who worked in the economic unite that had a structural subdivision, which character of activity is different from the character of the economic unite, but is aimed to assist the main activity, then the main activity of the subdivision, where the interviewee worked, should be written. For example for the person who works in the cafeteria of the tobacco factory, "the activity of the cafeteria" is written and not that of the tobacco factory.
3) For those people who are engaged in religious activities, "religious activity" is written.
For those people who work in the religious organizations, but are not engaged in religious activity, the activity type is written according to the type of manufactured product or the provided service. For example, for those people who engaged in the publishing of the religious newspapers and magazines "newspaper and magazine publication" should be written.
4) For those people who work in their own organization or have their own business (without hiring people), the full description of the economic activity is written (for example, taxi driver, hairdressing, and etc.).
5) For those people, who work in public administration (ministries, municipalities, any state committee, etc.), than the full name of that organization is written.
6) For those people who are engaged in agriculture the type of produced product is written. If the product belongs to plant growing, than "Perennial (or not perennial) plants growing" should be written. If the main type of activity is animal husbandry, then the exact animal activity should be written (horned cattle, poultry, sheep, bees, etc.).
If both plant growing and animal husbandry is practiced, than "Mixed agriculture" is written.
Hunting, trapping, forestry, gathering of timber and wild crops, as well as fishery should be mentioned as separate subsectors of agriculture.
7) If the respondent is to be hired to work in the family enterprise, the type of manufactured product or provided service by the family enterprise should be written.
For example, if a family enterprise engaged in the production of bakery products, where the respondent is working as a dishwasher, the type of activity "Bakery Production", rather than "Dishwashing" should be written.
8) For those people who are hired personally and who serve in the households (for example secretary, cook, nurse and so on), "household serving" is written.
Exceptions are those people, who work in companies engaged in providing services to the private households, such as landscaping, food supplies, and other similar companies. In such cases the particular type of activity is written.
9) If the replier is fired from the job by the trade union of the organization, establishment, then "trade union activity" is written.
10) For those people who serve in the army, than "serves in the army" is written.