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Last child's age at death, years

Codes and Frequencies

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AGEDEADYR indicates the age at death, in years, of the last child born to a woman. The variable is not applicable if that child was still living.

Comparability — Index

Dominican Republic

Comparability — General

There are no issues of comparability. Note that for Mexico 2000 respondents were asked to provide the age in either days (AGEDEADDAY), months (AGEDEADMO), or years (AGEDEADYR), not all three.

Comparability — Dominican Republic [top]

This variable is top-coded at 40 years.

Comparability — Mexico [top]

This variable is only available for the 2000 and 2010 samples. The universe statement is the same for both samples. The 2010 sample also includes the "Unknown" category.


  • Dominican Republic 2010: Females age 15+ who ever gave birth
  • Mexico 2000: Females age 12+ whose last child was no longer living
  • Mexico 2010: Females age 12+ whose last child was no longer living


  • Dominican Republic: 2010
  • Mexico: 2000, 2010