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Age, intervalled, United Kingdom

Codes and Frequencies

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AGE3 gives years of age grouped into the intervals used in the 2001 United Kingdom sample. The data are coded to the first age value of the interval. Single years of age are given below age 16 and above age 74.

Comparability — General

The age intervals in AGE3 are not consistent with other samples. The samples with single years of age can, however, be made consistent with AGE3, as was done with 1991 United Kingdom. Single years of age are available for other samples in AGE. Ages grouped more or less into 5-year intervals are available in AGE2.

The 1991 sample combines values for ages 91-92 and 93-94. The data are coded to the first age of those intervals.


  • All persons


  • United Kingdom: 1991, 2001