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Part 3. Information on housing

64. What kind of toilet facility does your household use most?

[] 1 Indoor flush or semi-flush toilet
[] 2 Outdoor flush or semi-flush toilet
[] 3 Other
[] 4 No toilet
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Part V: Instructions on how to question and record information on the census form

Part 3: Information about housing
The DTV collects information about the housing situation of the household. Do not collect housing information for specific demographics.

Question 64: What type of latrine does your household use?
This questionnaire collects information about the type of latrine that the households use the most in the past year (12 months prior to the time of the survey), regardless of where the latrine is located and who it belongs to. Types of latrines include:

- Septic/semi-septic toilets in the house: A type of latrine built inside a house (closed), using water to discharge feces through a pipe into a septic tank (also known as an infection tank with 1 to 3 compartments: a fecal compartment, one or two filter compartments before discharging water to the sewer), regardless of whether water is poured into the toilet through a pipe or poured into the toilet using a drum, bucket or basin.
- Septic/semi-septic toilets outside the house: A septic and semi-septic toilet built outside the house (built in a separate area).

- Other toilets: These are types of latrines that do not fall into the above two categories, including permeable latrines, latrines with 1 compartment, 2 compartments or simply 1 hole dug/paved/built, latrines that use water but do not have a septic tank or bucket toilet, cathole, outhouse above a water body, ...

- No latrines: This is the case where the household does not use any kind of latrine but has to defecate in the fields, hills, open fields, in the bush, river banks, etc. ...

For example: A household rents a room in a motel and uses the shared bathroom and septic toilet every day. In this case, the DTV recorded that the household used "outdoor septic/semi-septic latrines."