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Only for persons 10 years old and more
[Questions 20- 35 were asked of persons age 10 and older.]

[Questions 23-34 were asked of persons age 10+ who currently carry out activity for which they received or will receive payments, per question 22.]

33. How much did you earn in all of your jobs in the past month (or the last month that you worked)?

[] Bolivars _._ _ _._ _ _,00
[] Did not receive income: Continue with question 35

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6.14 Income received for work the month prior to the interview

This refers to the total monetary remuneration earned by the worker for the work completed in all of the jobs performed during the month prior to enumeration or in the last month worked. Included here are salaries and wages, cooperative member's income, employer's company income, income of an own-account worker who operates a business or company not registered as "sociedades de capital" [incorporated companies?]. Income from rents, pensions, retirements, grants, etc., is not counted.

For workers with dependent employment, or subordinates, the pay is the net salary or wage without deductions (taxes, social security, savings, and other deductions), plus bonuses, premiums or cash compensations, fixed allowances, tips, commissions, and "cesta tickets" [food stamps or coupons that can be traded for food given to government employees as a benefit].

For independent workers, this refers to: income less expenses, honorariums received by professionals and specialists in the free exercise of their profession, monthly salary income given to an employer [by the employer him/herself], normal money withdrawals by business owners because of earnings or profits.