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VCR indicates whether the household had a videocassette recorder or similar device.

Comparability — Index

Saint Lucia

Comparability — General

They are some comparability issues across samples. Samples have questionnaires indicating variously "video", "video player", "video recorder, or "videocassette/DVD". Thus, DVD players are mixed in with VCRs in many cases -- perhaps in all modern samples where the newer technology is relevant.

Comparability — Brazil [top]

Only units in usable condition were to be considered.

Comparability — Egypt [top]

For the 2006 sample, the unharmonized source variable records the number of units in the household; units are counted when they are being used or intended for future use. The 1996 sample indicates "video" and 2006 "video player".

Comparability — Fiji [top]

The 2007 and 2014 samples explicitly include DVD players in this variable and records the number of units in the source variable. The 1996 sample asked for video and television in the same question, and it is therefore not included here.

Comparability — Israel [top]

Units used but not owned by the tenants are included.

Comparability — Mexico [top]

Enumerators were instructed to include broken or inoperable units, provided that the household intended to repair the unit. They were instructed not to include units borrowed from employers.

Comparability — Palestine [top]

The 2007 sample also includes DVD players in this variable.

Comparability — Peru [top]

The question simply asks whether the household has any units.

Comparability — Philippines [top]

Units not in working condition for six months or longer are excluded, even if they were intended to be repaired. The 2010 sample also includes CD and DVD players in this variable.

Comparability — Saint Lucia [top]

The question asks about units owned or rented by the household.

Comparability — Senegal [top]

The enumeration instructions specify that both functioning and temporarily non-functioning units should be counted.

Comparability — Thailand [top]

The unharmonized source variable records the number of units in the household.

Comparability — Togo [top]

The 2010 sample includes video recorders, VCD, and DVD players in the census question.


  • Argentina 2001: Non-collective dwellings and not homeless
  • Brazil 2000: Not group quarters or improvised dwellings
  • Egypt 1996: All households
  • Egypt 2006: Private households
  • El Salvador 2007: Occupied private dwellings with people present
  • Fiji 2007: All households
  • Fiji 2014: All households
  • Israel 1995: Private and Kibbutz households
  • Malaysia 1991: Private households
  • Malaysia 2000: All households
  • Mexico 2000: All households
  • Palestine 1997: All households
  • Palestine 2007: All households except those in Jerusalem annexed by Israel in 1967
  • Peru 1993: Private occupied households
  • Philippines 2000: All households
  • Philippines 2010: All households
  • Saint Lucia 1991: All households
  • Senegal 2002: All households
  • Thailand 1990: Private households
  • Togo 2010: All households
  • Uruguay 1996: Occupied private households
  • Uruguay 2006: All households


  • Argentina: 2001
  • Brazil: 2000
  • Egypt: 1996, 2006
  • El Salvador: 2007
  • Fiji: 2007, 2014
  • Israel: 1995
  • Malaysia: 1991, 2000
  • Mexico: 2000
  • Palestine: 1997, 2007
  • Peru: 1993
  • Philippines: 2000, 2010
  • Saint Lucia: 1991
  • Senegal: 2002
  • Thailand: 1990
  • Togo: 2010
  • Uruguay: 1996, 2006