Source Variables

Some unharmonized variables may not be available.

Variable Label
Type Sample
AR2001A_VCR Video cassette player H Argentina 2001
BR2000A_VCR VCR (videocassette recorder) H Brazil 2000
EG1996A_VCR Has a video H Egypt 1996
EG2006A_VIDEO Number of video players H Egypt 2006
SV2007A_VCR VCR H El Salvador 2007
FJ2007A_VIDEO Number of video or DVD players owned by household H Fiji 2007
FJ2014A_DVD Number of DVDs H Fiji 2014
IL1995A_VIDEO Video H Israel 1995
IL2008A_VIDEO Video or DVD player H Israel 2008
MY1991A_VIDEO Video H Malaysia 1991
MY2000A_VIDEO Video/VCR/DVD H Malaysia 2000
MX2000A_VCR Videocassette player H Mexico 2000
PS1997A_VIDEO Availability of video to the household H Palestine 1997
PS2007A_VIDEO Video or DVD H Palestine 2007
PE1993A_VIDCAM Video recorder in the household H Peru 1993
PH2000A_VCR Has video cassette recorder H Philippines 2000
PH2010A_CDPLAYER Own CD, DVD, or VCD player H Philippines 2010
LC1991A_VIDEOS Number of video recorders H Saint Lucia 1991
SN2002A_VCR VCR / DVD player H Senegal 2002
SN2013A_VIDEO Video, VCD, or DVD H Senegal 2013
ZA2016A_DVD DVD Player or Blu-ray player H South Africa 2016
SR2012A_DVD DVD, MP3, MP4, or Blu-ray player H Suriname 2012
TH1990A_VCR Video tape appliance H Thailand 1990
TG2010A_DVD Video recorder, VCD, or DVD player H Togo 2010
UY1996A_VIDEO Video player (VCR) H Uruguay 1996
UY2006A_VCR VCR H Uruguay 2006