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17. The toilet is discharged:
[Question 17 was asked of dwellings that had a bathroom, as per question 14.]

[] 1 To a public network
[] 2 Septic tank, cesspool
[] 3 Piped towards the river
[] 4 Other (surface, etc.)

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14. Does this dwelling have a bathroom?

This question and those that follow are also asked to determine the living conditions of the people as well as their level of sanitation. A dwelling is considered as having sanitary service when it has at least one space that has a bathroom, latrine, or toilet--with or without a cistern.

According to the response, the corresponding code will be marked. Whenever the item "No" is marked, the interview continues with question 18.

15. How many bathrooms does it have?

Indicate the quantity of bathrooms.

17. The toilet is discharged to:

According to the response obtained, the corresponding code will be circled. The option "Piping leading towards the river" tends to be present in irregular settlements.