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F. Information about the private home

2.2 The disposal of sewage is done by

Only for those who have sanitary service.

General network

[] 1 Public
[] 2 Private

[] 3 Septic tank, cesspool
[] 4 Other (hole in the wall, surface, etc.)

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F. Information about the private home

Once the dwelling part is finished, you will ask questions referring to the Census home.

Remember that in a dwelling inhabited by more than one private home you should fill out as many documents as there are homes.

Write in each one of the documents the information about each of the homes. You should not repeat information in Section E. Information of the private dwelling.

Cancel this section upon enumerating the second and following homes that share this dwelling.

2. Sanitary service

Do you have a water "taza turca" [squat toilet], latrine, etc.?

Ask the question and mark the box corresponding to the answer you receive.

2.1 Use of sanitary service
Is the use of sanitary services: private to this home?

The use will be private when the sanitary service is used only by members of a family that you are enumerating.

When it is shared with members of one or more other homes you will mark box 6.

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In general, when a dwelling is shared by many homes, you will find if they use the sanitary service in common.

If a dwelling does not have sanitary service, go to question No. 3 and do not make notations in use or in disposal of sewage.

2.2 Disposal of the sewage
Ask the questions, reading the different alternatives, until you get an affirmative response.

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