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23. When was this person born?
[] Born before April 1956 - Please go on with questions 24 through 41.
[] Born April 1956 or later - Please omit questions 24 through 41 and go to the next page for the next person.

Questions 29 through 41 are for all persons born before April 1956 including housewives, students, or disabled persons as well as part-time or full-time workers.


29a. Did this person work at any time last week?

[] Yes - Fill this circle if this person did full- or part-time work. (Count part-time work such as a Saturday job, delivering papers, or helping without pay in a family business or farm; and active duty in the Armed Forces.

[] No - Fill this circle if this person did not work, or did only own housework, school work, or volunteer work. Skip to 30

33. Industry

a. For whom did he work? If now on active duty in the Armed Forces, print "AF" and skip to question 36.

_____ (Name of company, business, organization, or other employer)

"If he worked for company, business, or government agency, print the name of the company, not the name of his supervisor. If he worked for a person or a small business that has no company name, print the name of the person he worked for."

b. What kind of business or industry was this?
Describe activity at location where employed.

(For example: Junior high school, retail supermarket, dairy farm, TV and radio service, auto assembly plant, road construction)

"Write two or more words to tell what the business, industry, or person named in 33a does. Write what it makes or what it sells or what service it gives. Some examples of acceptable answers are shown on the Census form and here."


Cattle ranch
Wholesale grocery store
Retail gas station
Metal furniture manufacturing
Grocery store
Oil company
Furniture company

If a company does more than one thing (like make household electrical appliances and electric generators) describe only the major activity at the place where he works. If, however, he works at a warehouse, repair shop, etc., that is part of and used only by a larger organization, give the major activity of the larger organization; for example, department store warehouse - report department store."

c. Is this mainly - (Fill one circle)

[] Manufacturing
[] Retail trade
[] Wholesale trade
[] Other (agriculture, construction, service, government, etc.)

"Mark Manufacturing if the factory, plant, mill, etc. makes things, even if it also sells them. Mark Wholesale trade if a business does not make things but buys them to sell to stores or other companies. Mark Retail trade if the business mostly sells things (not services) to individuals. Mark Other if the main purpose of the employer is not making or selling things. Some examples of "Other" are services, such as those given by hotels, dry cleaners, repair shops, schools, and banks. Farming and building houses, bridges, roads, are also examples of "Other" kinds of businesses."