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Dwelling unit

(H13) Used water evacuation mode

Circle the appropriate code and record it in the box

[] 1 Sewage system
[] 2 Dry well / cesspool
[] 3 Ditch
[] 4 In the courtyard, compound
[] 5 In the street
[] 6 In nature
[] 8 Other (specify) ____
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[p. 49]

F- Characteristics of the habitat

Question H13: Mode of disposal of waste water

Pose the following question: "Where do you most often dispose of your waste water?" According to the response, circle and record in the box the code corresponding to the mode of disposal of waste water of the household.

The modalities of possible response are:

1. Sewerage network
2. Dry well / sump
3. Drain
4. In the yard / compound
5. In the street
6. In nature
8. Other (to be specified)

For any other place of disposal not indicated above, circle and record code 8 in the box, and record the respondent's declaration on the dotted lines.