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II. Household information

2. Characteristics of the dwelling

[Questions 4-15 were asked of occupied private households, per question 3 and Section 1.]

6. Does the dwelling have a wastewater removal system connected to

[] 1 Sewer
[] 2 Septic tank
[] 3 Ground outside the dwelling
[] 4 River, stream or lake
[] 5 None

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4.2.3 Household characteristics
These characteristics refer exclusively to single family [private] households.

The first two questions of this part of the ballot will be answered by the enumerator using simple observation, before introducing themselves to the occupants of the household; however, if there are any doubts, they can consult with the informant in the household.

6) Elimination of sewage
Does the household provide drainage connected to:

Sewer system
The household has piping that collects the sewage and expels it to a public main or sewer system.

Septic tank
The household has pipes that collect sewage and expel it to a concrete box where solids and liquids are separated, and later the water is piped into another box for the purification process.

On the ground outside of the dwelling
The household has piping that collects sewage and expels it on the household's land or neighboring land.

Stream, river or lake
The household has pipes that collect the sewage and expel it directly to a stream, river or lake close to the household.

No piping
The household has no piping and no drainage of any kind.