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E- Characteristics of the home environment

E08. Main type of private facilities

Toilet connected to a sewer / pit
[] 11 Plumbing connected to the sewer
[] 12 Plumbing connected to a pit
[] 21 Covered
[] 22 Uncovered
[] 23 Improved ventilation
[] 31 Public facilities
[] 41 In nature
[] 88 Other
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4.5 Part E: characteristics of the dwelling

E08: main type of toilet
The type of toilet used is an important indicator of the hygienic conditions in which the household lives. For a good classification of households, the types of toilets are defined in advance.
Flushing is the type of toilet where water flushes waste through pipelines. This water can come from a tap or be poured by means of buckets. For these types of toilets, the waste 'goes' directly to the sewer or into a pit that will be emptied when it is full.
The AR will circle code ''11'' (Flushing connected to the sewer) if the waste goes directly to the sewer and code ''12'' (flushing with septic pit) if it is a pit that receives the waste through a pipeline (pipe or tube installed for the circumstance) originating from the commode.
The codes ''21'', ''22'' and ''23'' are allocated respectively to households using covered latrines, those not covered, and those with improved ventilated.
Dry latrines or pits are holes dug to receive the waste directly;
They can be covered or not.
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[Illustrations are omitted].
Improved ventilated latrines are toilets that, in addition to the pit, are equipped with additional facilities (e.g. a pipe) that allow gas to be evacuated.
For households declaring that they use public buildings ''toilets in markets, schools and so on'', the AR will circle code ''31''.
If the respondent replies that the members of the household go to a corner of the compound or use bowls, buckets or other chamber pots, the AR will circle the code ''41'', which corresponds to the modality ''in nature''.
For any other means declared, different from those declared above, the AR will circle the
code ''88'', corresponding to ''other'' modality.