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For persons aged 6 years and above, or born before 1982
[Questions 15 through 21 were asked of persons age 6 and older]

[Question P21 was asked of persons who were employed or jobless but looking for work, as per question P18.]

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P21) Branch of economic activity

Ask this question only for persons currently employed. It applies therefore to persons aged 6 years and above, for whom you have already circled "1 EMPLOYED" in column P18.
Ask the following question: "What type of activity does the company or the institution in which you are working (or have worked)?"

Write legibly the answer given in the appropriate box, in the free space located above the shaded area.

Example: building contractor, teaching institution, police forces [gendarmerie], transportation, etc.

Note: For the servants who are working in private houses, write in this column: "Domestic services".

When the person does not know the branch of economic activity of his or her employer, write in full words the name of the company or of the institution.