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Section P: Characteristics of population

[Questions 25-28 were asked for residents aged 5 and over who are currently working or have ever worked (as indicated in questions 20-22 above).]

27. What is the main product, service, or activity of the respondent's place of work?

Product/ service/activity ____
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P25 to P28: For residents who have ever worked or are currently working

P27: Branch of economic activity
Ask: What is the main product, service or activity of [the person]'s place of work?

This question concerns people aged at least 5 years who have a job or who have worked, that means those who responded to P23 by encircling 1 [Yes].

The enumerator writes the main activity of the establishment or industry where the person works.

Examples of activities and industries most common in Rwanda.
1 - Agriculture and livestock

General Agriculture Apiculture
Breeding Fishing hunting
Other forestry

2 - Extraction of minerals and gems

Columbite-tantalite [coltan]

3 - Mills

Woodworking [sawing and planning of wood]
Oils and fats
Preparing tea
Knitting and weaving
Ceramics Printing
Forge and other

4 - Electricity, gas and water

Production, electricity production from gas
Production and distribution of water

5 - Construction and public works

Construction of roads, bridges and roads
Construction of houses
Other water pipes

6 - Trade, restaurants and hotels

Trade in food, shops Markets
Petrol stations [gas stations], Restaurants
Bars and taverns and other

7 - Transporting people and goods, warehouses, telecommunications.

Road transport-lease vehicles Freight Transportation
Warehouse for goods
Other [taxis ...]

8 - Banks, insurance

Social Insurance Fund Home Insurance
Other companies in the banking operations

9 - Community service

Public Service and Administration
Armed Forces
Repairing electrical equipment
Repair vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles
Hairdressing salon
Activities and services for the disabled
Other hospitals.