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Chapter G.

For individuals 10 years of age and older

26. What does the place where you work or worked primarily make or do? ____ _ _ _ _

Examples: Cotton growing, house construction, food sales [despensa], dressmaking, raising hens, selling plastic chairs, shoe repair, bakery, transporting livestock, school, hospital, supermarket, Finance Ministry, family house.
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G. Population information
For persons 10 years of age and older

Question 26: What is the place where you work (or worked) dedicated to or what does it produce?

You should ask the person being enumerated for the activity that is done by the establishment, business, institution or place, indicating the good produced, commercialized or service provided.

If the institutions are well recognized, it is enough to write the name: example: Ministry of Education, Ande, Senacsa, General Directorate of Statistics, Surveys, and Censuses, Catholic Church, Hospital San Roque, National University, Itaipu, Yasyreta, etc.

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Below, we present some examples of activities and the correct way to write them on the census questionnaire.

Incorrect annotation / Correct annotation

Crops / Corn crops, soy bean crops, wheat crops, cotton crops, etc.

Factory / Dairy goods factory, construction material factory, pasta factory, oil factory, footwear factory, etc.

Clothing manufacture / Manufacture of leather clothing, manufacture of children's clothing.

Construction / House construction, road construction, etc.

Installation / Electrical installation in houses.

Commerce / Retail sale of clothing, wholesale commerce of construction materials, retail sales of shoes, supermarket, dispensary, bar, etc.

Transportation / Passenger transportation, cargo transportation via highways, school transportation, etc.

Breeding / Beef cattle breeding, sheep breeding, poultry breeding, chicken breeding, etc.