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Section IV. Population information

[Questions 15 through 17 were asked persons 10 years and over who worked, did not work but were employed or looking for work]

17. What does the company, business or institution where you work (or worked) do or make? ____

Examples: Cotton growing, vegetable truck farm, building construction, primary education, dressmaking, business, ANTELCO (telephone utility), ANDE, sawmill, etc.

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17. To what is the company, business or institution where you work (or worked) dedicated to? Examples: cotton growing, horticulture crop production, building construction, elementary education, healthcare, clothing manufacture, commerce, Antelco, Ande, lumber finishing, etc.

Payroll- Ministry of Education

Below we offer some examples that will help you appreciate the correct form for making the notations.

Incorrect annotation / Correct annotation

Workshop / Blacksmith's workshop, Automobile repair workshop, Bicycle repair shop, Carpentry workshop, etc.

Commerce / Shoe sales, vegetable sales, restaurants, etc.

Factory / Shoe manufacture, cheese manufacture, clothing assembly, soap manufacture, alcohol manufacture, soft drink manufacture, etc.

Public Administration / Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance, Statistics, Census, etc.