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III. Economic characteristics

For those 12 years of age and older

Ask questions 18 through 20 only if you marked 1, 2 or 3 above.

19. What does the establishment, business or institution primarily do? ____

(Examples: oil manufacture, clothing manufacture, agriculture, etc.)

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III. For people 12 years old and older. Economic characteristics.

Question 19. What is the main activity of the business or institution where you work?

Write the specific name of the principal activity that the informant enacts at their employment, or what they do for themselves, in the corresponding box.

[A depiction of question 19 to the right of the preceding text is omitted here.]

Following are some examples that will help one to understand the correct way to make this annotation.

Incorrect annotation:

Public administration

Correct annotation:
(Annotate, depending on the case)

Metal shop, automobile repair shop, bicycle repair shop, carpenter shop, etc.
Shoe sales, Vegetable sales, Restaurant, etc.
Shoe factory, cheese factory clothes maker, soap factory, alcohol factory, bottled beverage factory, etc.
Education ministry, housing ministry, statistics and census, etc.