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C. Economic characteristics

Only for persons 12 years of age and older
[Questions 15 to 18 were asked of persons age 12 and older]

Ask the questions on lines 16 through 18 only if you marked boxes 1, 2 or 3.
[Questions 16 to 18 were asked of persons who have a job or who had it in the past]

17. What does the establishment, business, or institution primarily do? ____

(Examples: oil manufacture, clothing manufacture, agriculture, etc.)

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IV. Information about the Population

C. Economic characteristics.

17. Principal production of the establishment, business or institution where he/she worked

Write the branch, or the nature of the establishment, business, etc., in which the person being enumerated worked at the occupation declared on line 16.

Do not use generic terms, such as: factory, assembly, store, etc. Note: oil factory, shoe store, assembly of women's clothing, etc.

Nor should you write the names of establishments, such as: Factory Santa Inés; The Producer, Inc., except in the case of Institutions that are known by their initials, such as ANDE, APAL, IBR, etc.

Incorrect / Correct
-Santa Ines SRL / Manufacture of cookies
-El Productor, SA / Insurance Company
-San Andres, Inc. / Milk producer

For the employees of Public Administration, write the name of the institution where he/she works and the nature of the activity in which he/she is involved.
Ministry of Public Works - Quarry worker
Ministry of Public Works - Road Construction
Ministry of Education - Elementary Education

Ministry of Public Health - Regional Hospital

For the self-employed workers, write the principal activity.

17. To what is the establishment, business, or institution where you work dedicated primarily? ____

(Example: oil factory, manufacture of dresses)