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5. Is there sewage in the building?
[] 1 Yes - connected with sewage system
[] 2 Yes - local system
[] 3 No
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General information [p. 57]

1. Information about the building should be determined only in case of buildings housing more than one dwelling. In case there are two or more enumerated dwellings in the building, indicate information about the building only in the first enumerated dwelling.

2. Information about the buildings housing the dwellings which are managed by legal persons and organizational units without legal personality will be given by the administrative authorities of these buildings.

This information will be given before the census on auxiliary forms, Characteristics of building or they will be directly given to the enumerators, which will contact the administrative authorities in the day of conducting the census.
The forms with Characteristics of Building, after they have been used, should be returned to the enumeration office with the whole set of enumeration materials.

3. Information about the individual buildings owned by private persons i.e. about single-family houses and the so-called small dwelling-houses should be determined by the enumerator during the census and be directly filled-in to the Questionnaire A.

Question 4 and 5. Is there water-pipe and sewage in this building? [p. 60]

1. Indicate systems currently working as well as the ones out of work and these which have actually been installed in the building, but the building has not yet been connected to the mains. Do not include installations out of order for longer than a year.

2. Water-pipe. A building equipped with a water-pipe is a building, where the water mains is delivered to all or some dwellings in the building, as well as where no dwelling has a tap with running water but there is a tap e.g. in the corridor.
The criterion of describing the water-pipe as a net work type or as a local system, is the length of distributing drains delivering the water from the source (of the water intake) to the buildings. A net work is a system of street drains at least 250 m long, not including the length of connections from the street drain to the buildings.
3. Sewage. A building equipped with sewage is building inside which -- in dwellings or corridor - there is a system to which the following appliances are connected: washbasin, toilet, sink, bathtub enabling draining the sewage/waste to the receiving water.
The criterion of qualifying the sewage as net work or as a local system (mostly cesspool) is the length of covered sewers -- underground (street sewers and collecting pipes) draining the sewage from the buildings to receiving water (sewage treatments plant, rivers, lakes and the sea). If the total of these channels (not including the length of additional sewers leading to the buildings) is at least 250 m long it is perceived as a net work. It can be an all navigable sewerage network draining industrial waste and rainwater or it can only be a network for industrial waste.