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Characteristics of households

Fill for the building in which at least one dwelling was enumerated. Answers for questions 1-10 write in only once -- in a first enumerated dwelling. In the forms filled for other dwellings this part should be crossed.

8. Sewage:

[] 1 Yes -- network
[] 2 Yes -- local system
[] 0 Not in a building
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Characteristics of a building
- A building equipped with a sewage installation should be considered as such in the case, if it possesses a proper installation, allowing it to implement such devices as: tap, toilet, sink, bath, devices to drain used water and waste or to transfer it to a lake, river, channel, upper part of the soil.
- A sewage with network drainage, should be understood as a network or a local device are based on the length of covered canals - underground (street canals and collectors), which transports used water and wastes from building to a set source (wastewater treatment plant, rivers, lakes, seas). If the total length of these canals (without housing' connectors) exceeds 250 m then this installation is considered as a network. It may be a general or industrial sewage system, as well as draining agricultural, rain wastes, as well as only agricultural or only natural wastes.
- Sewage system, as in the case of water supply -- may be considered as city-owned, local or company owned system.
- A local sewage system is an installation servicing one or more neighboring buildings and draining waste into cesspool (that is -- to covered cloaca hole) or to a lake, river, channel, upper part of the soil. Total length between the building and the place of disposal doesn't exceed 250 m.
- Local sewage devices, as well as local water supply devices can be owned by one or more buildings' owners or it can be owned by socialized unit.