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H14. Presence of household conveniences/devices - Does this household have the following household conveniences/deceives in working condition?

Write X in the box corresponding to the answer for each household convenience/device.
g. Personal computer (desktop, laptop, notebook, netbook, and others)
[] Yes
[] No
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8.7 Instructions on Household Census Questions
The household question consists of questions on H12 to H15. Below are the instructions on how you will fill out these questions.

H14-Presence of Household Conveniences/Devices
This item provides information on selected housing conveniences and information and communications technology (ICT) devices, the presence of which in the household indicates the means of communication through which the population can be most easily reached. This also provides a basis for leisure statistics. The presence of motor vehicles in the household provides data about access to private transport. It can also provide information for the construction of roads/bridges and solution to traffic problems.
In general, the presence of household conveniences/devices can be used as proxy indicators in determining the socio-economic status of the household.
Ask the question: "Does this household have the following household conveniences/devices in working condition?" and read out the items listed in the questionnaire one by one. Write "X" in the box for a Yes or No answer.

[] Radio/radio cassette
[] Television set
[] CD/VCD/DVD player
[] Component/stereo set
[] Landline/wireless telephone
[] Cellular phone
[] Personal computer
[] Refrigerator/freezer
[] Cooking range
[] Washing machine
[] Car/jeep/van
[] Motorcycle/tricycle
[] Motorized boat/banca

The category "radio/radio cassette" includes transistor radio, radiophone, stereo or karaoke. "Personal computer" includes desktop, laptop, notebook, and netbook.

Exclude any aforementioned household item which has not been in working condition for six months or longer (although intended to be repaired). Exclude also motor vehicles (cars/jeeps/vans, motorcycles/tricycles or motorized bancas/boats) which are used exclusively for business purposes.