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[Questions 20-22 were asked of persons who answered 01-04 on Question 19.]

22. What does (name of company/department) make or do where you work?

Describe in few words, e.g. makes copra, sells hardware, transport pool. If self-employed, write type of business.________
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Section 6 - The census questions

Urban RNVs and rural villages

Questions 20 to 22
Questions 20 to 22 are only for people who are involved in money raising activities. That is they are either usually wage earners (codes 01 or 02) involved in a business (code 03) or get money from farming or fishing (code 04). Simply you do not have to ask these questions to anyone with codes OS to 10.
All three of these questions must relate to the same particular job or business for that person.

Question 22

What does (name of company) make or do where you work?

Remember questions 20 to 21 must all relate to the same job. The entry to question 22 must agree with the person's occupation (question 20). For example, the occupation of "PMV driver" in question 20 would not agree with an entry of "retail bakery" in question 22.
In question 22 you must clearly and specifically describe the kind of business or industry of the company or government department in which the person works.
Your entry must give a specific activity for the company or government department.
For example you must specify "coffee plantation", "copper mine", "road construction", instead of just "plantation", "mine", or "construction".

[Figure omitted, examples of good and bad specific descriptions]

Points to remember are:

Use two or more words to describe what the government department or company does.
Again as in Question 20 one word answers are too general. Examples of bad answers here include: agency, club, mine office, repair shop, school, Department of Transport. Examples of good answers are advertising agency insurance agency, social club, tennis club, golf club, copper mine, gold mine, dentists office, steamship office headquarters, shoe repair shop, radio repair shop, auto repair shop, community school, high school, University of PNG (UPNG) Head Office, road construction, airport maintenance, shipping control.
Do not give what the Government Department or Company does in general e.g. DPI agricultural work but give the function done at the place where the person works e.g. DPI -"fisheries section".
Remember it is what the branch of government department or company does, not what the person himself does.