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For persons aged six or older
[Applies to questions 13-19]

17. What type of activity did the business, organization or company in which you work engaged last week?

(Examples are: manufacture clothing, rice growing, raising cattle, wholesale grocery sales, restaurant, etc.)

Specify ________

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For persons aged six and older
[Applies to questions 13-19]

Question 17: What type of activity did the business, organization or company in which you work engage in last week?

  • Write the specific name of the activity which the respondent's place of employment performs, or which the respondent performed for his/her place of employment. If the respondent works for him/herself, write the work that he/she performed.
  • As an exception to the general rule, if the respondent writes that he/she works for a public institution, organization or agency, indicate the name. Examples are "Ministry of Education", "Children's Hospital", "Peruvian Army", etc.

[Next to the text there is a graphic reproducing box 17 from the Census Form, correctly filled out in accordance with the instructions.]
Branch of Activity. This is the branch of activity expressed in terms of the type of goods produced or services provided by the company or business in which the person works.
The following is a table showing examples of branch of activity, and how to record them correctly [table]:
[Column headings:]
(A) Correct
(B) Incorrect

Correct: Fruit farming, cotton farming, vegetable farming, sugarcane farming, cattle ranching, small-animal husbandry, etc.
Incorrect: Small farm, livestock.
Correct: Engraved gourd making, hand-crafted pottery making, filigree making, textile production, altarpiece production, etc.
Incorrect: Handicrafts.
Correct: Blacksmith shop, car repair shop, lathe operator's workshop, bicycle repair shop, etc.
Incorrect: Workshop.
Correct: Primary school, secondary school, primary and secondary school, technical college, private university, public university.
Incorrect: Teaching.
Correct: Metalwork shop, furniture-making shop, etc.
Incorrect: Carpentry.
Correct: Retail grocery store, bread sales in the street, vegetable sales in a market stall, restaurant, pharmacy, hardware shop, etc.
Incorrect: Trade/commerce.
Correct: Shoe making, cheese and butter making, clothes making, ceramic production, etc.
Incorrect: Factory.
Correct: Taxi service, taxi pulled by a motorcycle, passenger transportation services, car wash, plumbing services, security services, etc.
Incorrect: Services.