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Third section: Household characteristics
[Questions 1-4]

1. Does the household have (read each option and circle one or more numbers):

1A. Household Electrical Appliances

[] 1 Radio
[] 2 Color television
[] 3 Audio equipment
[] 4 Washing machine
[] 5 Refrigerator or freezer
[] 6 Computer
[] 7 None

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Procedure for the third section, "Housing Characteristics," for all households in the dwelling (primary and secondary).

Question 1: Does the household have...?
Option 7 for item 1A, "Household Electrical Appliances," and option 5 for item 1B, "Services," should not be read out loud. Circle them if the respondent answers that he/she has none of the household electrical appliances and services mentioned among the preceding options.

  • Don't make any assumptions based on what you see. For example, the refrigerator or television you see may not work.
  • If the respondent answers that he/she has devices or appliances that aren't working, ask if they will soon be repaired. If the respondent doesn't plan on repairing them, do not include them.