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16. Does this household have toilet facilities . . .
[] 1 Pit or latrine?
[] 2 Connected to sewer system?
[] 3 Connected to a septic tank?
[] 4 None? (Skip to question 18)

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Question No. 16: Does this home have toilet facilities?

The object of this question is to determine if a home has or does not have a bathroom (toilet) or any form for eliminating human waste, independent of the material of which it has been built.
This question alludes to the availability of a system of elimination of excreta or feces, which can be exclusive for the home or shared with other homes.

[To the left of the text is a photograph of an outhouse that is very hard to see.]

Read the question and each of the following options for the response that appears in the questionnaire. After the person indicates one of the 4 options, you should consider that only one circle can be marked according to this response. Make explanations that you consider necessary keeping in mind the following:
a) Facilities of pit or latrine: is formed by a deep pit in the ground covered by a small hut. This type of facilities is characteristic en rural areas of the country.

b) Toilet facilities connected to a sewer system: is connected to a system of pipes that belongs to the community or part of it, for the collection of used water from toilets.

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c) Toilet facilities connected to a septic tank: is generally built from waterproof concrete. It is used more frequently in suburban areas, where there is a water system, but no sanitary sewers. In the case of Areas or Urbanizations that have a septic tank for all dwellings consider the facilities as connected to a sewer system.

d) If the home does not have toilet facilities, mark circle 4 (there are none) and go immediately to question 18.