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9. This dwelling has sewer facilities that are
Pit or latrine?

[] 1 Private use
[] 4 Shared use

Connected to sewer system?

[] 2 Private use
[] 5 Shared use

Connected to a septic tank?

[] 3 Private use
[] 6 Shared use

[] 7 None

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Questions 3 to 14 only are asked at dwellings with occupants present classified in one of the circles 01 to 05 of question Number 1 "Type of Dwelling".

Important observation about questions 8 and 9:
When asking these questions, keep in mind that they consist of one main question and 2 sub-questions, which should be asked in the manner that is explained in the instructions corresponding to each of these questions.

Question Number 9: Does this dwelling have sewer facilities?
Toilet facilities are defined as an instillation for eliminating excreta.
Read the question and every one of the following response options that appear in the questionnaire. Afterwards the enumerated person will indicate one of the three response options that appear in the questionnaire: Of pit or latrine, connected to a sewer system or a septic tank. After the enumerated person indicates the ownership of one of the three options, ask if it is of public or private use.
It should be kept in mind that you can only mark a single circle according to the response that the person gives. Make any explanations that you consider necessary taking into consideration the following:

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a. Toilet facilities can be connected to a system of sewers (sewer system) that serves the whole community or a part of it; they can be connected to a septic tank, generally built from waterproof concrete, whose existence is more frequent in a sub-urban area; or they can be of a pit or latrine. In the case of the areas or urbanizations that have a septic tank for all dwellings, consider the facilities as connected to a sewer system.
b. Toilet facilities can be of private or collective use.

Private use: When they are for the exclusive use of one dwelling (Circles 1 to 3)
Collective use: When they are for the use or two or more dwellings (Circles 4 to 6)

c. If the dwelling does not have toilet facilities, mark Circle 7 (it does not have them).

In the visited dwelling, they indicate to you that they have toilet facilities of private use and that they are connected to the sewer system of the IDAAN. They response will be written down as:

[There is not a question under the text.]