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Characteristics of the dwelling

Toilet facilities
9. What type of toilet facility does this dwelling have?

[] 1 Outhouse or latrine
[] 2 Toilet - connected to sewerage system
[] 3 Toilet - connected to sump or septic tank
[] 4 Toilet - discharged into river or stream
[] 5 None

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Question 9: Toilet facilities
This is the installation to eliminate fecal materials. It can be an outhouse or latrine, it can be a toilet connected to a sewage network, connected to a septic field or septic well or it can discharge to a river or ditch.

Read the question and each one of the alternative answers and mark the one that is indicated by the informant. If in any dwelling you are told that there is a toilet and an outhouse, you should mark only one of the answers. In this case, you will mark the box for toilet.
1. Outhouse or latrine
This is a sanitary service used for elimination of fecal material that is not connected to a sewage system and does not have any drainage. It is built of materials like wood or concrete and its base is mounted over a hole in the ground.

2 [to 4]. Toilet
This is a sanitary service that through a pressurized water system permits the removal of human residue which is drawn through pipes in the public drainage network or another system.

5. None
When the dwelling does not have any type of sanitary service available and the fecal material is deposited out in the open.