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9. Toilet facilities

Toilet connected to sewer system

[] 1 Exclusive use
[] 2 Shared use

Toilet connected to a septic tank or sump

[] 3 Exclusive use
[] 4 Shared use

Pit toilet or latrine

[] 5 Exclusive use
[] 6 Shared use

[] 7 None

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Question #9

Toilet Facilities

a. How to carry out the investigation
The following definitions should be taken into account in investigating this topic:

Toilet facilities: This is the installation or means that permits the elimination of human waste. This elimination can be via a "Toilet" with running water or through a latrine, which is commonly called an excusado.

Toilet: This is the installation for the elimination of human waste that is plumbed with pressurized water and connected to the sewer, a drain, or to a septic tank.

Excusadoor latrine: This is the installation used for the elimination of human waste but that is not connected to a sewer or to a septic tank.

Taking into account the preceding definitions, the enumerator should also ask if the toilet facilities are for the dwelling's exclusive use or if they are for common use among various dwellings.

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b. How to record the data
The box corresponding to the type of toilet facilities and whether it is for exclusive or common use is marked with an "X".

If the dwelling does not have a toilet or a latrine, box 7 "Does not have" is marked. Only one box is marked.

c. Example:

[These instructions refer to a graph of question 9 on the census form]