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I. Characteristics of the housing unit

19. Drainage: Does this dwelling have drainage or sewer connected to:

Read the options until you get an affirmative answer and circle one code only

[] 1 The public sewage system?
[] 2 A septic pit or tank (biodigester)?
[] 3 A pipe leading to a ravine or crevice?
[] 4 A pipe leading to a river, lake, or the ocean?
[] 5 No drainage?
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15. Extended questionnaire
This section of the questionnaire contains the questions you must apply in the households you have registered as: Single house on the land, house sharing land with other(s); duplex house; apartment in a building; housing unit in neighborhood or tenement and housing unit in the rooftop room of a building. That is, with classes 1 to 6 of private housing unit class.

19. Drainage
The question asks whether the housing unit has pipes that drain the water used in sinks, washbasins, toilets, showers, or other installations. It also distinguishes whether the pipes are connected to the public sewage system, to a septic pit or tank (biodigester), and whether they flow into a ravine or crevice or into a river, lake, or sea.

Consider that the following are synonyms for drainage: piping, drain, pipe, or sewer, among other terms, in case the respondents know it by those names; if you know it, mention the name that is customary in the locality where the interview was conducted.

Read the question along with each of the options until you get an affirmative answer and select the corresponding code.

Take into account the following definitions to resolve any doubts:

Drainage connected to the public network is the one that conducts the used water to the public service infrastructure that passes through the street.

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The drainage connected to a septic tank corresponds to the discharge of used water into a closed and buried container that was specially constructed to receive, separate and treat liquid and solid waste. It is usually located in an excavation in the ground of the house.

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The septic tank is a prefabricated container installed in an excavation to receive, separate and treat wastewater, so it has the same function as the septic tank but is considered more modern. If they tell you that they have a biodigester and it is in operation, check this option.

In addition, there are housing units whose drainage pipes dislodge the water used in a ravine, crack, river, lake, or sea. If they clarify this situation, select code 3 or 4, as appropriate.

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Register the last option, no drainage, when the pipes do not drain the used water somewhere outside the housing unit and it is only irrigated in the yard or field.

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The question drainage is presented in the census manager as follows:

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