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I. Dwelling Characteristics
[Questions 1-19 were not asked of mobile dwellings, shelter and premises not intended for habitation]

13. Drainage system
The drainage system in this dwelling is connected to:

Read the options until you receive an affirmative answer, then circle only one code.

[] 1 The public system
[] 2 A septic tank
[] 3 Pipes that go into a ravine or gully
[] 4 Pipes that go into a river, lake or the sea
[] 5 There is no drainage system

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6.3 Section I. Housing characteristics

In this section, instructions will be presented for the questions that investigate the characteristics of the private inhabited dwellings.

If the class of the private inhabited dwellings is a premise not intended for inhabitation, a mobile dwelling, a shelter, or a collective dwelling, don't apply this section. Start the interview with the section II, List of People.

13. Drainage
This question investigates if the dwelling has drainage at its disposal, and distinguishes the place where the dwelling removes the residual water.

The dwelling has drainage if it has a system of tubes that eliminate the water used in the toilet, sink, shower, or similar installations.

[p. 82]
These are synonyms of drainage: tubing, drain, piping, sewer, among others. When you ask the question, mention the common name in the locality where you do the interview.