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Section I: Characteristics of the dwelling

If the class of private dwelling is an independent house, apartment in a building or tenement house and dwelling or room on a roof, ask questions of section 1.

If it is a premises not built for inhabitation, mobile dwelling or shelter, do not ask the questions of section I: Characteristics of the dwelling.

1.7 Drainage

A dwelling has drainage if it has a system of pipes that permit eviction away from the dwelling of waters used in the sanitary service or lavatory, in the kitchen sink, in the shower or in other similar instillations.

Some synonyms of drainage are: pipes, pipe system, drains, or sewers, among others. When you ask the question, mention the name with which it is known in the region.

Take into account the comments of the following chart to locate correctly the answer option.

[To the right of the text is the form for 1.7 Drainage.]

1. The public system?
Dwelling whose sewage system is connected to the drain system in the street.

2. A septic tank?
Dwelling whose sewage system discharges into an instillation, excavation or special preparation in the plot of land of the dwelling.

3. A pipe that goes to a gully or crack?
Dwellings whose sewage system discharges directly to a gully or crack.

4. A pipe that goes to a river, lake or sea?
Dwellings whose sewage system discharges in a river, lake or sea.

5. It does not have drainage?
Dwellings that do not have a sewage system to evict water used away from the dwelling.