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8. Wastewater Drainage

Does this dwelling have drains? Mark with an X one circle only.

[ ] 1 Connected to the sewer in the street
[ ] 2 Connected to a septic tank
[ ] 3 A drain on the ground, to a river or a lake
[ ] 4 No drain

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Characteristics of the dwelling

The series of questions found on page two of the questionnaire will permit you to find out the principal characteristics of the dwellings: the materials that they are made out of, the number of rooms that the dwelling consists of and the use the rooms are given, the available services, ownership of the dwelling and the cooking fuel that they use.

8. Drains

Be aware that a dwelling has a drain if it has a system of pipes through which sewage water is removed.

Connected to the street sewers? [x] 1
Connected to a septic tank? [x] 2
With a open drain, to a river or lake? [x] 3
Does not have a drain? [x] 4
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