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[Population census form]

For persons not single in column 12:
[Columns 13 to 15]

15. Number of children ever born _ _

For women not single in column 12, state the number of children ever born (excluding still births). Count all live born children whether they are now alive or dead, whether they are living with her or not.
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7. Instructions on how to fill in the census form

[Columns 13 to 15 are for persons reported as not single in column 12]

Column 15 - Number of children ever born
For every woman who is not sing1e in column 12, write the number of children that were ever born to her.
Count all 1ive born children, whether born of the present or previous marriages or free unions, including those who may have died since birth and those who may not be living with her any more. Do not count stillbirths and do not include step-children, and adopted children.
If she has never had a live born child, write 'Nil'.