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Circle the code that applies or record the appropriate code in the space provided. If there is a plot occupied by a single household, use the characteristics of the main building (without including the number of rooms)

H14) Used water evacuation method

[] 1 Courtyard
[] 2 Street
[] 3 Soak pit
[] 4 Truck/collection
[] 5 Septic tank
[] 6 Sewer system
[] 7 Nature/field
[] 8 Others, specify
Questionnaire instructions view entire document:  text  image Evacuation method of wastewater (Column H14)
This question deals with the main method of evacuation of household wastewater. The agent asks the question: "What is the main method of household wastewater evacuation?" The agent enters the code corresponding to the answer. Once the officer enters the code "8," the agent must record in full letter the title of the response.

1 Courtyard
2 Street
3 Sump
4 Gutter / Collector
5 Septic
6 Sewer
7 in nature
8 Other specify