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Section B: Individual Characteristics

For women aged 12 years and above
[Questions 29-30]

29. Total number of children ever born

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1.2.1. Questions for ALL Household Members

1.2.4. Women aged 12 years and above

29. Column P29: Total number of children ever born

This is the total number of live births born to women age 12 years or more. Ask the following question to the household head: "Overall, how many live births did name ever had?"

A live birth is a delivery of a baby who cried or showed any sign of life after birth.

In this total, shall be included all children born alive, whether legitimate or illegitimate, whether they are from the current marriage of the woman, or from a previous marriage, whether they are still alive or not at time of the census.

Above all, make sure that all the following categories were captured:

- Children who died in infancy
- Children who left their parental home
- Children born to the woman from a previous marriage

On the contrary, the following categories shall not be included in the household questionnaire:
- Stillbirths: that is, newborns who did not show any sign of life at time of birth.
- Adopted or fostered children and grand-sons or grand-daughters