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Municipality of previous residence, Guatemala; consistent boundaries, GIS

Codes and Frequencies

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      class Mig2_p_gt : public Editor {

  Mig2_p_gt(VarPointer varInfo) : Editor(varInfo) {}
  void edit() {

    long a = getRecoded();
    switch (dataSet) {
    case dataset_id::gt1994a: {
      if (GT1994A_0412() == 9999 && GT1994A_0413() != 99)
        a = 320097097;
      if (GT1994A_0412() == 9999 && GT1994A_0413() == 99)
        a = GEO2_GT(0);
    } break;




MIG2_P_GT indicates the person's municipality of previous residence within Guatemala. Migration municipality codes for MIG2_P_GT are compatible with codes for GEO2_GT.

Click on the Source Variables tab for information on place of residence for each sample year. Source variables may contain more geographic unit detail but are not suitable for cross-temporal comparison.

Comparability — General

MIG2_P_GT is only available for the 1981 and 1994 samples.

Where boundaries changed over time, units were harmonized to create units with boundaries that remain stable over time. Where officially-defined provinces have populations less than 20,000, they have been regionalized (combined) with neighboring municipalities.


  • Guatemala 1981: All persons
  • Guatemala 1994: All persons


  • Guatemala: 1981, 1994