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Department of previous residence, El Salvador; consistent boundaries, GIS

Codes and Frequencies

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      class Mig1_p_sv:public Editor {

    Mig1_p_sv(VarPointer varInfo) : Editor(varInfo) {}
    void edit() {

        long a = getRecoded();
        switch (dataSet) {
        case dataset_id::sv2007a:
            if (SV2007A_0474() == 99 && SV2007A_0475() == 3)
                a = 222098;




MIG1_P_SV indicates the person's department of previous residence within El Salvador. The migration could have occurred at any time in the past.

Click on the Source Variables tab for information on place of residence for each sample year. Source variables may contain more geographic unit detail but are not suitable for cross-temporal comparison.

Comparability — General

The data are fully comparable between samples. The universe for both samples includes everyone who ever lived in a different canton from where they were enumerated. Cantons are the third administrative level in El Salvador, below departments and municipalities.

Both samples also provide information on previous municipality of residence: see the unharmonized source variables SV1992A_0443 and SV2007A_0476.

For the country of previous residence of international migrants, see MIGCTRYP.


  • Persons who ever lived in a different canton


  • El Salvador: 1992, 2007