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Communities and Autonomous Cities of previous residence, Spain; consistent boundaries, GIS

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MIG1_P_ES indicates the person's community or autonomous city of previous residence within Spain.

Click on the Source Variables tab for information on place of residence for each sample year. Source variables may contain more geographic unit detail but are not suitable for cross-temporal comparison.

Comparability — General

This variable is not entirely comparable across years because of different universes. The 1991 census only asked the question of persons who moved between municipalities within the last 10 years. The 2001 census asked all persons who ever moved between municipalities. The 2011 census asked all persons, regardless of whether they moved or not. Municipalities are contained within the communities or autonomous cities. The variable can be made fully comparable by using MIGYRS1 to restrict the universe in 2001-2011.

See MIG1_1_ES, MIG1_5_ES, and MIG1_10_ES for province of previous residence at other time intervals in the past.

Where officially-defined communities and autonomous cities have populations less than 20,000, they have been regionalized (combined) with neighboring communities and autonomous cities.


  • Spain 1991: Persons who resided in another municipality within the past 10 years
  • Spain 2001: Persons who resided in a different municipality in the past
  • Spain 2011: All persons


  • Spain: 1991, 2001, 2011