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Pakistan 1973
Pakistan 1973 — source variable PK1973A_RESD65 — Residence in 1965 (district)
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10. Where were you living (place of usual residence) when India attacked Pakistan in September 1965? (Write name of district with urban/rural indication, e.g. Multan (U) Sukkur (R), etc. ____
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5.4 Place of residence at the time of Indian attack on Pakistan in September, 1965

Ask the question (by entered name) of where was his usual residence when India attacked Pakistan in September, 1965?
Usual residence means that geographic unit (village, town, or city) where the members of this household usually reside. By residence means living and eating together like family and usual residence means that place which is occupied by them where they can come and go at their free will without any check. If an owner of the house rents out his house or housing unit to someone on rent or without rent and as long as it is occupied by the other person that will not be treated as owner housing unit. This question will be asked about the residential status of every member of the household when India attacked Pakistan in first week of Sept, 1965. The present residence could be same as that at the time of survey and also be different. If this area is situated within the boundary of Pakistan, then enumerators will write the name of administrative district or agency where that person resided. The same will be the case for area of Azad Kashmir, Northern areas, and occupied Kashmir. The enumerator will have to indicate whether it is situated in an urban area or rural area. For urban area 'U' and for rural area 'R' will be written. If

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Multan before the Sept 1965 attack, then 'U' will be written along with Multan. Similarly, if some body was residing in rural area of Sukkur, then 'R' will be written with Sukkur.
If some person has gone out from his usual residence temporarily to see someone or for business even then this house will be considered as his place of residence and place of travel or place of business will not be entered as his usual residence.