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Subregion of residence 7 years ago, Portugal; consistent boundaries, GIS

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MIG1_7_PT indicates the person's subregion of residence seven years ago within Portugal using the Eurostat NUTS-3 classification, slightly modified.

Click on the Source Variables tab for information on place of residence for each sample year. Source variables may contain more geographic unit detail but are not suitable for cross-temporal comparison.

Comparability — General

There are no comparability issues. The period of reference is actually somewhat more than seven year. The census asked for the person's place of residence on December 31, 1973. Since the census was taken in mid-March, the variable actually records residence roughly 7 years and 3 months ago.

Place of residence one years ago is available for all Portuguese samples in the variable MIG1_1_PT. Place of residence five years ago exists for the 1991 and 2001 Portugal samples in the variable MIG1_5_PT.


  • Portugal 1981: Persons born before 1974


  • Portugal: 1981