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D. For persons age 10 years and above
[Questions 15-17 were asked of persons age 10 years and older.]

17. In what industrial sector was [the respondent] mainly working during the last 12 months?

[For code 1 to 7 in Question 15.]

In agriculture, please tick in box. If nonagriculture, please specify.

[] Agriculture
[] Other
Specify ____
[] Don't know
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Section D: For persons aged 10 years and above
Section D deals with employment questions. These questions shall be asked to all who is 10 years and above. For children, less than 10 years of age, tick the box "under 10" in question 14, and leave questions 15 -- 19 blank.
Three different questions are asked to collect labor market information. The questions are interrelated and the purpose of each question must be clearly understood. Explain to the respondent that you will start by asking information on his/her employment status, then his/her profession and lastly about the sector s/he was working in.

Question 17: In which industrial sector was [the respondent] mainly working during the last twelve months?
The purpose of this question is to collect information on the industrial sector the respondent was working in.
This question is put to persons coded 01 to 07 in question 15, i.e. paid employees, employers, own account workers and unpaid family workers. Use the tick-box "N/A" to indicate that the question is not applicable for all others.
Industrial sector refers to the activity performed that is what is made or done at the work place (by the establishment) where the person mainly worked during the last 12 months, irrespective of the occupation of the person. Where a company has multiple activities (makes or does many things), the main activity should be determined. This is done by determining the activity which occupies most persons at that workplace.
For persons working at more than one place during this period, record the industrial sector where s/he spends most of the time.
For persons working in the Farming sector, use the tick-box to indicate this. For all others, tick the "other" alternative, and write a short description of what is made or done at the workplace where the person worked for most of the last twelve months preceding the census night. The activity should be recorded as fully as possible, e.g. primary school teaching, retail trade of clothes, motor car repair, rice growing. Avoid unclear descriptions as teaching, trading etc. If the industrial sector in very rare cases is not known, tick the "other" alternative and write "not known".