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Part 5: Housing conditions and facilities

4. Toilet facility within premises

Enter code.

[] 1 Not available

If available, give one of the codes 2 to 5:

[] 2 Connected to sewerage
[] 3 Septic tank
[] 4 Pit latrine
[] 5 Other type of toilet (specify) ____
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96. Filling-in of Form B household questionnaire part -5: housing conditions and facilities

96.1. This part of the questionnaire on housing conditions of the household has to be filled in after completing the main household questionnaire (Form B Parts- 2 to 4). This part should be completed with the assistance of the head of the household or any responsible member of the household.

96.2. In cases where within a household, members use a variety of facilities, probe to establish the facility used by the majority of household members and record it for the household. For example, if the members of a household use more than one source of light you should record the main source of light used by the majority of members.

96.3. Please note that in this part of the questionnaire, for columns 1 to 8 and 23 to 25 you are required to write only the code corresponding to the appropriate answer in the square provided at the bottom of each column. Under no circumstances you should write more than one code for each question.

100. Column 4: toilet facility within premises

100.1 If toilet facility is not available within premises give code 1 in the square provided. If available ascertain the type of toilet and enter one of the codes 2 to 5 as appropriate in the square.