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H-17. Main type of human waste disposal:
[] 1. Main sewer
[] 2. Septic tank
[] 3. Cess pool
[] 4. Pit latrine
[] 5. Bucket latrine
[] 6. Bush
[] 7. Other

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Column H17: Main type of human waste disposal

110. In column H17 ask, "where do members of this household dispose of human waste?" Code the answers according to the 'categories given below e.g. code 4 for pit latrine, 3 for cesspool etc. Sewage is the liquid waste matter drained away from the structure for disposal.
The categories of main type of sewage disposal are:

Main sewer
Means the sewage liquid waste from the structure is drained by pipes into a main trunk sewer line. This type of sewage disposal is common in main urban centers like Nairobi, Mombasa etc.

Septic tank
Is a tank into which an individual household's sewage is conveyed and Remains there until it is emptied. Examples of septic tanks are found in urban areas, where the tank is often located within the compound where you find dwelling structures.

Bucket latrine
This is a bucket placed in a residential area used for human excreta. It is emptied occasionally. This type of waste disposal is now rare but can still be found in urban residential estates.

Cess pool
Is a pool where liquid waste is drained into communally from the dwelling units until it is emptied.