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2.5. Does this household, own, rent or lease this dwelling?
[] Owned
[] Leased
[] Private rented
[] Government rented
[] Rent free
[] Squatted
[] Other
[] Not stated

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5.26 Question 2.5 Type of Tenure
This question refers to the type of tenure under which the dwelling is occupied.

Owned - This applies if the dwelling is owned by a member(s) of the household. If the dwelling is occupied by the family or close relatives of the owner but the owner, even if he sometimes sleeps there, is not a member of the household according to the census definition (for example, where wife and children of the owner live in the dwelling, but the owner perhaps because of his work, or for other reasons, does not normally sleep in the dwelling, and is then not a member


of the household concerned), the dwelling should not be classified as owned but as Rent Free.

Leased - This relates to those cases where the dwelling is rented in accordance with a signed agreement for a stipulated period between the owner and the occupier. In most cases, this signed agreement of lease will stipulate the rental payable, and length of time for which the building is rented.

Private Rented - This is used here to relate to those cases which are the most usual, where the occupier pays a rental to the owner for the dwelling, but no signed agreement is involved.

Government Rented - Include here all dwellings owned by government and rented to householders.

Rent Free - This relates to those cases where occupiers are not required to pay rental. It implies also that the occupiers are occupying the dwelling with the consent of the owner. Examples of this arrangement are where the government, a business (for example a Sugar Estate or Bank) or some institution (for example a church or school) may provide free quarters for some employees.

Squatted - This relates to those cases where the occupiers are not paying rent but are occupying the dwelling without the consent of the owner. Note that we are dealing with the tenure of the dwelling, not the land.

Other - Include here any arrangement which does not fit into one of the preceding categories.