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Fertility status - for women aged 10 and over who have been married, widowed, or divorced from question 30

[Questions 32-36 for those who answered yes to question 31]

33. Number of children born, still living

_ _ Boys
_ _ Girls
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Columns 31 -36, reproductive status -General description

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Fill this columns if codes 1, 2, or 3 is checked in column 30 and leave them blank for the rest.
? Fill these column for females only.
Columns 32 and 33, number of live newborns

Fill these columns if "yes" is checked in column 31 and leave blank for the rest.
Column 33, living offspring

Living offspring of a woman married at least once are, by definition, children who are alive by the time of enumeration.
These children may
? live with the household under enumeration or another.
? from one or more marriages
Specify the number of living offspring based on gender as a two-digit number.
? for example if no male offspring is living write "00"
? for women who have given birth to only girls ("00" is in column 32), leave column 33 blank where is says "boys".
? The number in column 33 should be equal or less than the corresponding number in column 32.