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Questions on housing conditions
[Questions 82-90 asked only once per household]

90. Do you have the use of the following items available to you?

The answers are "Yes" or "No"
90.8 A PC or laptop computer
[] Yes
[] No
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Part J: Housing Conditions

2. Instructions for answering questions

g. Appliances at the household's disposal
The importance of the data on appliances which are at the disposal of the household lies in the information obtained on the standard of living of families from different localities and different types of places. This information, together with other data, is used by the Central Bureau of Statistics to determine the standard of living grades of localities or areas in the localities. This information is an important factor in the distribution of government budgets and other budgets (such as: Mifal HaPayis - the National Lottery) to the local authorities.
Question 10.70-10.210 - Now I will ask you if you have the following items:

Television, VCR/DVD, clothes dryer, dishwasher, microwave, air conditioner, solar water heater, personal computer or laptop, internet subscription, phone line (such as: Bezeq, Hot), number of phone lines, cellular phone, number of cellular phones, vehicle, number of vehicles.

- These questions examine the existence of these items and not necessarily their ownership. In other words, an item can be considered as available for the person's use even if he does not own it. For example: a person lives in a rented apartment where there is a washing machine that belongs to the landlord, or a person who got a cellular phone from his workplace.
- Write the respondent's answer even if he says a certain item is not at his disposal and you see the item in the apartment.
- If there are two or more households in the apartment and the appliances in the apartment are used by all the people living in it - each household should state that these items are at its disposal.
- VCR/DVD - VCR does not refer to a video camera, but to a device for recording and screening video tapes.
- Personal computer or laptop - does not refer to palm computers, but to desktop computers (PC) or laptops.
- Internet connection - only refers to internet connection from the apartment (and not general use of internet. For example: a person who has internet connection at work).
- Number of phone lines - if a household has more than nine phone lines, write 9.
- Number of cellular phones - if a household has over ten phones, write 10.
- Number of vehicles - if a household has over nine vehicles, write 9.